You Refer. We Share.

Refer and earn


Yes, we will split the profit with you. All you need to do is share with us the contact information of your friends and relatives that may need a Car rental in Israel. We'll contact them within hours, with the best possible rate you can get in Israel. You'll be glad you have been putting it together, then your profit will be added to your personal cash-back account
To check your cash back-balance, send us an email at [email protected].

Car Rentals

Traveling to Israel? we will get you the best car rental rates in the country from the top corporate car rental companies Like Budget, Avis and Hertz. Shabbat and and Yom-Tov are discounted.


We can also help you with Hotels anywhere in Israel. ask us about our expertise and advice for the best Hotels and rates in the country.

Car types
Below is the sample list of cars that you can rent

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To contact our USA agent Shmuel Hus, call or text 718.663.1311